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WI Aggressive

Our WI Aggressive portfolio is a risk-seeking “sunny weather” holding consisting of stocks of companies with better than average ratings for the corporate-quality component growth and acceptable corporate-quality ratings for profitability, financial health, competitiveness and stewardship. Stocks will also be selling at a reasonable price and expected to exceed earnings estimates. WI Aggressive’s goal is to outperform its benchmark in positive market environments.

WI Aggressive’s overall portfolio style is best defined as Small-Cap with some Mid-Cap Blend and a concentration on aggressive capital appreciation. It is an ideal equity portfolio for aggressive, growth-oriented investors.

Stocks in our WI Aggressive portfolio may not represent all sectors and will have initial weightings of between 1-4%. WI Aggressive portfolio’s sector weightings are between plus or minus 10% of the Wilshire 5000. The final portfolio will include 30-60 securities with up to 10% international stocks with American Depository Receipts (ADRs) listed on the U.S. market. Our average market capitalization goal for WI Aggressive is less than $3 billion with a maximum total Large-Cap holding of 10%. WI Aggressive portfolio betas will range from .85 to 1.45 and annual turnover will likely be over 100%.