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WI Core Growth

Our WI Core Growth portfolio is a core, “sunny weather” holding consisting of stocks of high quality companies selling at a discount and having a catalyst for increasing shareholder value. WI Core Growth’s goal is to outperform its benchmark in all but the most risk- averse market environments. WI Core Growth’s overall portfolio style is best defined as Multi-Cap Blend with a concentration on prudent capital appreciation. It is an ideal equity portfolio for more growth-oriented investors.

We evaluate quality based on a company’s growth, profitability and financial health, and limit initial purchases to only those with average or better grades for all three measures. The criteria used to determine whether a company is selling at a discount includes relative financial ratios vs. price, and both our own and third party calculations of intrinsic value vs. price. The main catalyst for increasing shareholder value for the WI Core Growth portfolio is earnings momentum but we also consider share buy backs and insider or activist purchases.

Stocks in our WI Core Growth portfolio will represent all sectors and have initial weightings of between 1-3%. WI Core Growth portfolio’s sector weightings are between plus or minus 5% of the Russell 3000. WI Core includes 50-70 securities with a minimum weighting of 35% to Large-Cap stocks and up to 10% international stocks with American Depository Receipts (ADRs) listed on the U.S. market. WI Core Growth portfolio’s beta will range from .75 to 1.35 and annual turnover may be over 100%.