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WI Excelsis

Our WI Excelsis portfolio is a core, “all weather” holding consisting of stocks of companies which demonstrate a commitment to corporate stewardship, human dignity, the common good, and a vision of a business as a community of persons focused on:

producing goods and services that meet genuine human needs while taking responsibility for the social and environmental costs of production, of the supply chain and distribution chain (serving the common good, and watching for opportunities to serve the poor);

organizing productive and meaningful work recognizing the human dignity of employees and their right and duty to flourish in their work, and structuring workplaces with subsidiary that designs, equips and trusts employees to do their best work;

and using resources wisely to create both profit and well-being, to produce sustainable wealth and to distribute it justly (a just wage and ownership for employees, just prices for customers and suppliers, just taxes for the community, and just returns for owners).

Requirements for inclusion:

1. Meets Moral Screens based on USCCB investment guidelines

2. Must not have a “poor” Morningstar Stewardship grade

3. Must have an employee ownership plan and meet at least one of the following:

Listed as one of Ethisphere’s Most Ethical Companies

Listed as one of CR Magazines 100 best Corporate Citizens

Have an “exemplary” Morningstar stewardship grade

Have a Faith Driven Consumer’s Faith Equality Index score of 30 or greater

From the companies meeting our minimum inclusion requirements, WI Excelsis includes stocks of quality companies selling at a discount and having a catalyst for increasing shareholder value or low volatility to reduce exposure to down markets. The goal for WI Excelsis is to outperform its benchmark in all but the most risk-seeking market environments. WI Excelsis overall portfolio style is best defined as Large-Cap Value with a concentration on income and prudent capital appreciation. It is an ideal equity portfolio for more balanced investors.

We evaluate quality based on a company’s growth, profitability and financial health. The criteria used to determine whether a company is selling at a discount includes relative financial ratios vs. price, and both our own and third party calculations of intrinsic value vs. price. The main catalyst for increasing shareholder value for the WI Core Excelsis portfolio is earnings momentum but we also consider share "buy backs" and insider or activist purchases.

Stocks in our WI Excelsis portfolio will represent all major sectors and have initial weightings of between one to five percent. WI Excelsis portfolio’s sector weightings are between plus or minus five percent of the Russell 3000 initially and eight percent ongoing. WI Excelsis includes 45-60 securities with a minimum weighting of 60% to Large-Cap stocks. WI Excelsis portfolio’s beta will range from .75 to 1.10 and annual turnover should be less than 25%.

WI Excelsis Fact Sheet