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Strategic Moral Investing

Wallick Investments believes active management, based on our proprietary, disciplined,
well-researched, repeatable strategies, adhered to over an investment cycle (usually around 5 years), adds significant performance value to our clients' investment portfolios. We have almost a decade of evidence affirming this belief and our strategies.

Strategic Moral Investing: In addition to the nationally-ranked active management described above, Wallick Investments utilizes one more screen for our stock-selection process.

By leveraging the technology of the Biblically Responsible Institute’s filtering database, Wallick Investments does not invest in companies that purposely and significantly profit from: abortion, contraception, predatory lending, bio-engineering or companies that significantly promote activities in opposition to traditional family values, such as pornography.

Wallick Investments also eliminates from any portfolio, upon request, companies who profit from activities susceptible to addiction such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling.

Since June of 2013, all actively managed Wallick Investments, LLC portfolios are subject to a final ethical screen. For more detailed information about the investment strategies for each of the Wallick Investments' portfolios, please see our website's Portfolio Management section.

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